Monday, 16 February 2015

A bit of an update!

So hello again!

Ive finally decided on the models which are going to from the base of my main troop conversions (well, at least i think so :s)

Ta-da! I've chosen these guys because they look pretty damn easy for me to convert into Army Of Angels troops, looking at the sprue here, you can see that they don't really have any hard bits to convert, and the only areas which ill have to chop is the hands, which i will then greenstuff/glue cadian hands and lasguns onto (the lasguns are gong to be chopped up a bit too, with plasticard and stuff, to make them look kinda scrappy and archaic).

 There are some bits on here too that will look nice on the models, with some swords and stuff which i am going to use as old relics which were looted from the preisthoods cathedral, or to kit out the enforcers which have joined their cause.

Heads may be flagellant heads with some sort of hood greenstuffed on? I'm thinking about not having them full faced, and that the faces will be masked with some sort of carnival mask you see in venice, or some sort of iron maiden mask.

Of course there are going to be 40k imperial bits added on, such as purity seals and holy books, to make them stand out and to kinda differentiate them from normal archer models, and some coils and cogs would look cool on their weapons, so thats a plan. I am also going to use that pheasant in the sprue to make some sort of feast for the ashen angel and his seraphim, like a mobile last supper, would be pretty cool, but might be goofy.

So! thats a quick update! any advice or tips or even ideas would be great to hear!


  1. Certainly a characterful choice. How's it coming along?

    1. Hi mate! I've been low on funds but it is still going ahead, I'm starting to get a steady influx of money atm so there should soon be some progress!

      Sorry i didn't answer earlier!